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Fairexpay's global partners can serve customers across all regions , all are reputed established players.

Fintech Players

Fintechs have been creating a buzz in the fintech world globally and are providing digital, unique and scalable solutions, we partner with many fintechs globally and are excited for the future


Corporates globally use all financial products for their day to day operations, payroll, payments etc and drive the major b2b transactions globally!


Banks are the lifeblood for any individuals or businesses to do local as well as global transactions, the provide credit, cards and scalable options to all their customers!

Our Key Stakeholders

Fairexpay market place can be used to register and be a provider!

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Fairex marketplace enables individuals, businesses, fintechs, banks, remittance partners and any one doing Financial tech to be part of the community to connect , partner and fulfill their Fintech requirements

Fairex Marketplace is a great place for getting what you need....Fintech wise!

Fairexpay has over 100+ global Fintech partners and a growing list of businesses, corporates and fintechs who are interested to be part of the global connect to support each other in the growth and create opportunities globally!