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What is Fairexpay Fintech Marketplace?

Fairexpay Fintech Marketplace is the Global Connect for everything Fintech! We connect the Customer/Enterprises Demand to the Supply!

Does it cost to register and avail any Provider connects?

No for both for Customers and Fintech Providers, it is FREE!

We are not domiciled in US, Can we register and post our needs?

Absolutely! You can register, post and be a provider from anywhere in the World! Space and Antartica Included!( if you have Internet connectivity!)

How long does it take to get a Response for our request?

Within 24 hours! Our providers proactively respond to every request, in fact they compete against each other to provide the best solutions!

Who do I contact if I have technical issues or for any issue with a Provider on Platform?

You can send email to with details, Our Admin will reach out to you at the earliest! Click on the help button on the bottom right if you have technical issues.

Can I exit from the Marketplace at will?

Yes, Absolutely, you can exit at any time!

We have an issue with the Provider, they did not deliver as promised, what do we do?

Send us details about the transaction, we will reach out to the provider and try our best to resolve it, we will block the provider from our platform if they dont perform